Fa Chai Fishing is a well-known game provider Fa Chai offers many different fishing games. It is an online gambling fish game that supports up to 6 multiplayer players. The gameplay is simple and casual, popular among young players.

Most of the classic fishing games are based on the theme of underwater world, and the target is sea fish. If you are tired of playing shooting fish, there are more rich targets for you to choose freely, and there are different stories and themes for you to explore, to ensure that every game has a new harvest, players should not miss this new opportunity to win real money.

Advantages of Fa Chai Fishing

It is strongly recommended by many players because of these 3 advantages: special themes, free upgrade guns and unique tools.

Diverse Gameplay
In the world of Fa Chai Fishing, there the Caribbean, Journey to the West and sci-fi space, so you can hardly imagine that this is an online fish game. However, when you actually play, you will find that you are very familiar with their appearances. It turns out that under the special theme, Fa Chai still carefully retains the elements that players are familiar with. For new players, they won’t get lost; for old players, they can discover something new.

In general, these themes are intertwined with fancy art and interesting stories, which not only meet the visual needs of fish game players, but also create the ultimate immersive environment.

Double-Upgrading Guns
Do you think guns can only be upgraded by spending money? In Fa Chai Fishing, you can not only use money to increase the number of bullets shot by the guns, but also upgrade your guns by shooting special targets, allowing you to kill the big boss before anyone else.

Rare Item
Freeze is the most common tools provided by game suppliers, but they never thought carefully about whether players will like this feature or not. “Freeze” stops all the current targets on the screen. Although it benefits yourself, but you have to share the effect and competing against other players. In a 1:3 situation, how can you guarantee that you are in an absolute advantage?

Fa Chai Fishing designed different tools for each fish game. In addition to “Freeze,” there are also multipliers, trigger mini-games, etc. Players will no longer be limited by fixed gameplay, but can use different props to create a miracle.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular fishing games in the Philippines at the moment

Explore the unknown universe, the mysterious treasures of the stars
Get your best combat mode in every shot, and the electric light cannon will store extra necessary combat energy.
You can make use of the honorable 『Add-on mode』 to make your gaming experience more exciting!

The Great Sage Fishing combines the theme of this story to create a special way to play the fishing machine.
When the Great Sage Wukong appears on the field, there is a chance to get the Great Sage 100X-300X bonus money.
With exciting and exciting “Dragon Ball Battle” mode, waiting for you to challenge the Dragon King reward!


Fortune Fishing combines the current fishing machine special gameplay, with wealth and money as the theme background.
Fortune Fishing is unique in triggering the random bonus mechanism, when the accumulation bar is full, it can trigger the lucky bonus, and you can get up to 1000X bonus!
When a lucky money turtle appears on the field, you can get 300X bonus for attacking the lucky money turtle!
In addition, you can get special weapons such as machine cannon and lightning ball, and you can get more bonuses by using them.
Play Fortune Fishing every day, you can get rich every day!

Swim into Cash Prizes with Fa Chai Fishing

It is very easy to win real money in Fa Chai Fishing, as long as you are skilled in Aim mode and upgrade your gun at the right time, you will be able to win most of the time. Do you know the three most important things when playing online gambling fish game?

  1. Be rational: You have to wait patiently for the special target to appear and then shoot automatically with the upgraded gun to have a high chance of winning.
  2. The game provider: Fa Chai Gaming is fun, able to win cash, and has a wide variety of games, so it’s definitely the best choice for you.
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