The most played JDB Slot Philippines 2022 online slot machine with high RTP (up to 97%). The higher the RTP of a slot machine, the better the player’s chances of winning and attracting more players.

JDB Gaming is the game that does all of the above. It is also known for its “Just Do the Best” slogan in the Asian game market. It has already fascinated gamers throughout Southeast Asia. At the same time, Jili Game has just landed in China. Today, Jiaduobao has successfully established itself in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United States, the Philippines and other places, and its slot machines have become a popular brand.

Top 3 JDB Slots with High RTP and Video Display

Nowhere else can you see this JDB Top 5 RTP slot, only here. We made it based on exclusive information obtained from the official, you are the most reliable data.

Do you often see or hear “RTP” and “Volatility” in slot games, here is a brief explanation:

*RTP:The abbreviation of return to player, the average return to the player,As the name suggests, it is a saying that the slot machine will return the bet money to the player in a certain proportion as the game time goes by.

*Volatility: Proportion of awarded probability and degree of rewards. Medium volatility is deemed to be balanced on both sides.

It’s just that it’s difficult for us to know the top-secret of a business. But in general situations, among the popular casino games, the average value of RTP is as follows:

Top 3:BBQ Burger

Hungry? Here’s another elimination slot machine for you, BBQ Burger slot! Once you’ve collected enough ingredients for the big burger on screen, you’re straight into free game!

At the beginning of the game, the player can click the “Order” button to select the size of the burger, and the bigger the burger, the more likely it is to hit the jackpot, but the more materials you will need to enter the free game, the player must think about it twice.

Before the free spin starts, you get a 2X to 10X random multiplier, which turns into a “Burger Wild” with random bounces on different reels. Burger Wild is basically the same as the Wild Symbols you know, but it doesn’t go away once it’s mated, and instead jumps to other reels to earn more connections!

Top 2:Go Lai Fu

Go Lai Fu slot in Chinese means “dogs will bring money,” and this game features the same! The adorable Shiba dog will be transformed into a luck symbol and the “Fortune Wheel” mascot, allowing you to easily win the bonus of 2000X!

Go Lai Fu slot is a new type of slot machine, which combines the game of roulette. After collecting 3 spin symbols, players can enter the “Fortune Wheel” mode and challenge for rewards with different odds!

What’s more, in Fortune Wheel mode, there’s a chance to “Turn again,” and the system doesn’t just allow you to turn again, but it also dramatically increases the multiplier on all the wheels, so the bonus will go from 100X to 2000X!

Top 1:Birds Party

Birds Party slot has the highest RTP and max win, and is officially ranked as the most popular online slot machine in every country.

Birds Party slot is an online slot in the elimination category, somewhat similar to a puzzle video game. There are three levels to challenge. The first level is the player’s initial level. The board is 4×4. Players can collect 15 specific symbols to advance to the next level, up to the third level. The board is 6×6!

In addition, just get a scatter symbol to enter the free game, get 10 free spins, and a random multiplier from 1X to 5X. If you make a huge combo in the game, you will win a super bonus you can’t imagine!

These are the top three JDB games slots with the highest RTP. All three of these games are popular slots with Filipino players because JDB’s game play is innovative and offers players more options. Stay tuned as I will be introducing more popular Slots games later!


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