1. Please go to the AKQgaming to register as a member.
  2. After registration, “Like” AKQgaming official fan page
  3. “Share” the promotion post from the official fan page to their Facebook profile and tag 3 friends.
  4. “Subscribe” to our YouTube channel .
  5. Successfully following the steps above, New members must send a screenshot of the proof to our customer service, along with the link to their Facebook Profile page.
  6. After submitting a successful screenshot of proof to our AKQgaming Customer Service, ₱100 will be credited within 24 hours.  One-click Apply, We will review within 24 hours ➡ Online Customer Service Center
↓One-click Apply,We will review within 24 hours
Online Customer Service Center
Promotion Rules & Regulation:
1. Only bet on Slots、Fishing、Table Games. Betting on other games will deduct the amount
2. Withdrawal limit of ₱ 200, and the balance after withdrawal must have a Deposit record to be withdrawn in full.
3. This promotion is available to all registered members. Each member can only apply for once
4. This promotion is not shared with any other offers
5. The balance of the account must be less than ₱10 to be eligible to apply for the promotion.
6. NEW Player Bonus may not be traded, transferred, or sold in any form